Training with Soul Ambition

soulambition has been providing training courses for businesses, charities, social enterprises, community groups, youth groups, women’s groups and other special interest bodies since 2007. Workshops and training programmes are available in a large range of personal and business development areas and in various formats – from a 1- or 2-hour workshop to a 3-month programme. Browse the list of the most popular training courses below; if you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch to discuss your needs. (Please note, soulambition is not a coach training provider.) The catalogue is constantly being updated and increased in response to new research and trends in personal and business development.

Business Development Training

Social Media

Are you making the most of social media to engage your audience of customers, stakeholders, industry peers, investors, press contacts and more..? Are you clear on why and how you could be using social media to boost your communications, marketing and other strategies? Are you up to speed on which platforms are best suited for which business strategy? soulambition can provide training from a 2-hour introductory workshop tailored to your business to an in-depth package of strategy development and hands-on workshops.

Tracy has been a trainer and mentor on multiple social media programmes for businesses, councils, charities and social enterprises, where participants have ranged from complete beginners to avid social media users seeking to refine their strategies. She’s delivered specialist workshops to students at Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Ulster, and guest lectured on a pioneering Digital Marketing certification course at the University of Ulster.

As a small business owner I needed help maximizing the use of social media to publicize my online business, reach my customers and ultimately increase sales. Tracy was full of practical ideas and from the start we worked together so I knew how to maintain pages and accounts that we set up. [more]

Presentation Skills

Does a fear of speaking up hold back you and/or your employees, and your business’ success? Does the thought of giving talks, speeches, pitches, or even team/board updates terrify you? Do you miss out on media opportunities through fear of performing poorly? Book a workshop with soulambition to learn how to present meaningful information in a confident, engaging and inspiring way!

I have no hesitation in endorsing Tracy Dempsey. She provided invaluable coaching techniques to me as part of my bid to secure funding from Belfast City Council, which was successful. I found her to be warm and engaging with loads of creative thinking into how I should prepare my pitch for funding. I would welcome the opportunity to use her services again in the future and would highly recommend her to any new clients or people who want to use her first-class coaching services. [more]

Personal Development Training

Confidence Building

This is training most people can benefit from in some way – from workshops aimed at a particular business need to in-depth training for people overcoming trauma or life challenges of some kind. I’ve worked with businesses, colleges, groups, community groups, youth groups and charities in this area. and have delivered multiple intensive residentials and longer-scale programmes for the Royal National Institute of the Blind and National Centre for the Blind in Ireland. Improved confidence underpins many other programmes; if you need stand-alone workshops or some confidence-building workshops (or coaching) as part of a larger programme of training, get in touch.

It builds your confidence, in that you learn don’t have to feel crushed by a bad experience – you can change it. You can improve a situation rather leave it. The course also gives you a safe environment to discuss the things that disquiet you. And for me, it was good that Tracy based the course on scientific research [more]

Assertiveness Training

Closely linked to, but separate from, confidence-builing, assertiveness training can be used for employees who need help getting out of passive, passive-aggressive or aggressive mindsets to promote healthy teams and workplaces. It is also used to great effect with youth groups or community groups to help with social issues. Frequently, confidence-building and assertiveness training can be packaged together. As with other training packages, this can range from short workshops to full-day training sessions, to longer-term programmes – get in touch to discuss your needs.

We hired Tracy to deliver three two-hour workshops [addressing] motivation, self esteem, confidence and work/life balance. Tracy exceeded our expectations. She delivered the workshops with high energy and made each one relevant to the group on the day. She is able to engage with young people extremely well and maintain their attention throughout. We found Tracy professional and very genuine with the clients.

Our course participants really enjoyed the training and it served its purpose in renewing their  motivation in terms of being able to set work and life goals. I would highly recommend Tracy as a training provider, she is very knowledgeable, and in particular she keeps abreast of current research and studies, bringing relevance to her workshops. She is able to relate behaviour to science which is one of the reasons she is so engaging. [more]

Wellbeing/Stress Management

Whilst stress in life is unavoidable, how we deal with it critically affects our mental and physical health and ability to perform effectively in our lives. Healthy mental and habits boost the inner resources essential for dealing with stress. soulambition training can be tailored to develop solutions and strategies to manage the particular demands faced by your employees or service users, combined with learning to boost internal and external resources and overall wellbeing. Training is grounded in current research in neuroscience and cognitive, social and positive psychology, shared in a way that is engaging and simple to implement. Workshops include mindfulness techniques to empower users to start or build upon a mindfulness practice.


Does your team, do your employees or services users suffer from a lack of motivation? Do changes or external factors cause more obstacles than opportunities? Learn the psychology of motivation and some useful, practical strategies and techniques – based on neuroscientific research – that will boost motivation levels whatever’s going on externally. During motivational workshops, opportunities for organisational improvement are often uncovered, empowering leaders to improve the health and success of their organisations.

Career Development Training

soulambition has delivered career development workshops for colleges, universities and programmes for long-term unemployed people. Training covers:

  • strategic job searching
  • values and skills mapping
  • in-person and online networking
  • developing/managing a positive online profile
  • creative approaches to job searching and profile-building
  • creating effective targeted CV/cover letters
  • interview preparation and practice
  • body language and communication skills
    • Tracy’s “Hire Me – I’m Worth It” and “Make it Work” courses include underpinning work on confidence, self-esteem, motivation and resilience, especially useful for first-time or long-term job-seekers, taking a positive, energetic, strengths-based approach and providing actionable goals for participants. As with all soulambition courses, content can be tailored to the needs of your group and participants, and is grounded in up-to-date research.

      Past Clients

      Read about the effectiveness of soulambition training and coaching on the testimonials page. Some of the many clients who’ve enjoyed the benefits of soulambition training courses include:

      • Eisenhower Fellowship, Ireland
      • Queen’s University Belfast
      • University of Ulster
      • NI Schools & Colleges
      • Ortus Business Development Agency Belfast Met
      • Work West Enterprise Agency
      • East Belfast Enterprises
      • Belfast, Derry, Strabane, Magherafelt and Down councils
      • Skillset
      • Belfast Entrepreneurs Network
      • Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) – Northern Ireland and Isle of Man
      • National Institute of the Blind in Ireland (NCBI)
      • NOW Project
      • Women in Local Councils
      • NI Community of Asylum Seekers & Refugees
      • Community groups
      • Youth groups