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What is coaching?

Coaches support their clients to create positive change and improved balance in various areas of their life. Your coach should help you get clear on what you want to achieve or experience, identify and eliminate the blocks that are holding you back from creating a more rewarding and balanced life, and support and motivate you in making the changes necessary to make that happen.

You lead the coaching sessions by choosing where to focus; I accelerate your development by helping you maintain momentum and making you more aware of your choices. I do this by asking the questions that draw out hidden blocks and opportunities, sharing new perspectives on your situation and helping you generate better choices. My work is grounded in current findings from positive psychology and cognitive neuroscience (see my profile) to give you techniques and understanding that will help you make the most of your potential. I’ll help you identify and understand human errors of judgement and choice, limiting beliefs and short-hand thinking that may be holding you back, so that you can make more conscious, informed decisions to move yourself forward towards your goals. I’ll share useful resources and, where appropriate, contacts to help you achieve your goals. Read success stories from some of my wonderful clients on the testimonials page – there’s a high chance one of them will resonate with your personal situation.

I provide life, career, business and arts coaching for clients – read on to find out more.

Life Coaching

Coaching for your personal life can help you develop:

  • More confidence and courage
  • Thriving relationships
  • More meaning and fulfilment
  • Better decision-making skills
  • Greater financial security
  • A more rewarding career
  • More creativity
  • More happiness and positivity
  • Better mental and physical health

…That is to say, coaching can help you bring these things about if you are serious about making changes to improve your life! I only work with clients who are committed to real change.

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Career Coaching

I have helped people move jobs, successfully negotiate promotions and find work after a long spell of unemployment. Often, I have been hired by an organisation to coach people for their professional development, or as part of a redundancy package – if you are an employer and would like to avail of this, get in touch. If you’re an employee and feel you’d benefit from working with a specialist coach outside of your company, ask your employer about providing outside coaching for employees.

I work with my career coaching clients on:

  • Repairing and strengthening confidence and self-esteem
  • Identifying and selecting from possible career paths
  • Sourcing industry-specific advice and information
  • Creating effective, targeted CVs, application forms and covering letters
  • Building strong interview and presentation skills
  • Maintaining motivation levels and developing resilience in face of setbacks
  • Developing a professional image, in person and online

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Business Coaching

Coaching can be a valuable tool in business in many ways, including:

  • Developing employees’ interpersonal skills and ’emotional intelligence’
  • Reducing stress and improving mental and emotional well-being
  • Increasing productivity through increased motivation
  • Building stronger, more effective teams
  • Developing presentation and communication skills

soulambition offers workshops focusing on a number of important skillsets and strategies for employees and their managers/leaders – see the training page for further info.

Coaching programmes can also be delivered to key individuals or groups of individuals within your organisation, to empower them to spread the ensuing improvements throughout their teams and the organisation as a whole. Again, these can be tailored to meet your specific needs – contact me to discuss.

I’m a small business owner, how can business coaching help me?

Business coaching uses life coaching strategies in conjunction with business/entrepreneurship skills to improve business performance. Small business owners face particular challenges, and can benefit hugely from one-on-one coaching and/or workshops geared to their specific needs. Some of the coaching/training topics I cover are:

  • Positive leadership and management
  • Making the most of social media
  • Networking for success – online and offline
  • Speaking with confidence -public speaking skills and body language
  • Energy management (because you can’t manage time – just how you spend it!)
  • Motivation and goal-setting
  • Developing creativity
  • Adaptability and resilience

Do you want help in upping your game or falling in love with your business again? Get in touch!

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Arts Coaching

What do you want in your artistic practice?

  • More self-motivation?
  • More recognition?
  • More paid work?
  • More engaging, inspiring work?
  • More freedom to do your own thing?
  • More creativity?
  • More happiness and positivity?

If you’re disillusioned with your career as an artist, feel ‘stuck’, or just want to make a better career from your art, life coaching with soulambition can help you boost your career and get more recognition and remuneration for your creative endeavours.

Art as business

Many artists talk about having ‘no head for business’, or no interest in the business side of things. But if you want to make enough money to be able to pick and choose the projects you want to do and benefit financially from your hard work, then I can help you get organised and turn your creative expression into a viable source of income. I can help you with organisation, marketing and promotion, networking and social media and much much more. Get in touch for a free taster coaching session to get started today.

Self-belief and motivation

Artists take a greater risk than most by expressing themselves in a visable/audible way to the general public. As such, they are open to more criticism and can often suffer from a lack of self-belief or demotivation. Worse still is the lot of the artist who is too scared to make the move into the public domain, for fear of rejection. Coaching with soulambition can help you build up your self-belief, confidence and resilience so that you can evaluate feedback in a constructive way, taking on that which helps you and rejecting that which does not. I can also help you stay motivated when your energies are flagging.

Why Tracy?

I’ve been a musician and dancer since my early childhood, with a background in classical music. I now perform solo and in a band, You, Me & the Sea, and am the performing host of the soulambition Sofa Sessions – an arts cabaret show featuring music, live art, poetry, film, stand-up and other art forms. I’ve created and spoken at various music industry events and been a mentor on creative industry programmes, helping artists take their projects to the next level. I’m nearing completion on a master’s in music cognition, technology and neuroscience, focusing on music and wellbeing. (Keep up-to-date with my findings at the Dream It. Do It. Love It! blog.)

I’m passionately interested in dance, film, modern art, literature and carnival arts and love working with creative clients in their particular area(s) of specialism.

Read client success stories | See rates | Browse Dream It. Do It. Love It! articles

How It Works

A coaching relationships is based on mutual respect and trust: my role is to support and encourage you, and to challenge you if I feel it’s necessary for increasing awareness around a particular issue. You can apply for a free taster session with me to help us decide if we would be a good fit in working together to help you bring about positive change in your life.

How and when would we have our coaching sessions?

Your coaching programme will be tailored to meet your needs. Most clients choose to work with me for around 1-3 months, with a weekly or fortnightly session to review progress, discuss any challenges or opportunities, and plan next steps. You may wish to avail of a shorter or a longer course – whatever will work best for you.

Coaching sessions are usually held via Skype video/audio call or by telephone, so that the sessions can be easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle. In certain circumstances, face-to-face coaching can be arranged. Please note that at present I split my time mostly between the UK, Ireland and Finland – but coach clients worldwide with Skype.

Can I get coaching in any other format?

Yes indeed – soulambition offers a range of coaching products and services to suit every area of interest and budget, including:

  • group coaching with friends
  • themed workshops

What evidence can you show me of the benefits of coaching?

I have shared feedback from clients who experienced great, positive change as a result of coaching, training or other soulambition services; read about their success stories in their personal lives, businesses and working lives at the testimonials page. And remember that before investing any money in coaching sessions you can try before you buy with a half-hour freebie. I never do a hard sell; if you’re not excited about signing up after the free session I won’t try and change your mind! Coaching only works when the client is fully committed to change.

Remember too that I create and share free resources on the blog. Coaching is an investment, but only of money you do have – do not get yourself into debt with it. Use free resources to help get you to a stable financial place, and then consider investing in coaching.

Sign me up!

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Current Rates – discount extended

Sale still on, as I know people are still feeling the pinch of the recession! I’ve also restructured my pricing with a move to 45-minute sessions rather than 1-hour sessions – see the rates page for full info.